Craft Beer Tasting of Anchor Brewing Summer Ale and Rogue Chipotle Ale Brew Review

Season 2, Episode 13: What better way to end Star Wars Day and the Kentucky Derby than tasting some great craft beers on the "I Love Beer" Show? Our latest show featured craft beer selections from Anchor Brewing Company out of San Francisco and Rogue Brewing's Chipotle Ale, both of which scored very highly for [...]

May 6th, 2013|news|0 Comments

Trappistes Rochefort and Hoegaarden: Value Craft Beers – Inexpensive Craft Beers that Taste Great

Season 2, Episode 8: It's getting to the point where selecting a great craft beer, and rare beers even more so, is like finding fine wine: it becomes a very expensive endeavor. This episode of the "I Love Beer" show - broadcasted live at Cheers Bar in Las Vegas, NV - proves you can drink [...]

February 25th, 2013|news|0 Comments