On Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 the “I Love Beer Show” returned to Banger Brewing in Downtown, Las Vegas to do a quick “behind-the-scenes” tour of their brewery and to taste some more of their latest craft beer offerings that they currently have on tap. In the almost 2 years that Banger Brewing has been open, they’ve pretty much become synonymous with craft beer in downtown Las Vegas, and with good reason: they brew some of the most unique craft beers in town. Watch as Nick gives us the quick overview on how it all happens.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes when you’re making great craft beer. From the selection of grains, to the malting process, then the cooling of the wort, plus the artistic introduction of a variety of hop choices for a specific timeframe to the fermenting and aging before it finally gets poured into your glass – whew! That’s a lot of work! But it’s all worth it when you taste craft beers such as their “Morning Joe” Coffee Kolsch, the 5.5% “Hops Anonymous” IPA or Banger Brewing’s flagship “EL HEFFE” (Jalepeno Hefeweizen) at 5.2% alcohol which you probably can taste if you go to any of the Las Vegas Craft Beer Festivals that Banger Brewing usually exhibits at. How do we know what the alcohol levels are? Watch the video again to find out… very interesting indeed!

dgrabBut don’t just sit there: get down to Banger Brewing and take advantage of the very same craft beers we were drinking on the show. Banger Brewing is currently running a “TodaysRealDeal” where you can get 1 flight of their award winning craft beer, a growler full of whatever’s your favorite, plus 2 full sized craft beers of your choice as well for only $24. Visit Banger at their website or the Banger Brewing fanpage for more information.

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