Our last show at Cheers Bar featured Calico Amber Ale from the Ballast Point Brewing Company. If you haven’t heard of Ballast Point, may we suggest you add them to your list of craft beer brewing specialists because we’ve found their entire collection of brews irresistible. Having tasted samples of many of their craft beers, all that was left for us was the Calico Amber Ale, so when we had a chance to taste it live on the show, we couldn’t resist!

Calico Amber Ale is inspired by traditional English ESBs (Extra Strong Bitter) and is produced using four types of malt and a proprietary yeast to yield a slightly bitter craft beer that we liked a lot. But that’s not surprising as Ballast Point has really become a diamond in the rough type of brewery for us, since we’ve only recently even found out about them. That’s why we bring you the show – so you can piggyback on our selections of great tasting craft beers.

Ballast Point really has an interesting story behind their success. They started out as a home brewing supply company and have grown into an award winning operation in the Scripps area of San Diego where they feature tours of their brewery every day. In addition, they fall back on their love of fishing by naming each beer with a fish-related name along with a sextant compass on the labels and bottle caps.

Use the sextant to navigate to their brewery. Trust us – we LOVE this beer!