When you get a chance to go to a beer tasting and food pairing event at one of the most popular brewhouses in town, you go! And those in attendance at BJ’s Brewhouse in Henderson, Nevada on Tuesday night were certainly not disappointed with the night’s festivities.

Armed with a menu and tasting notes, the night began with BJ’s very own Dave Martin guiding us with a number of interesting stories and tidbits on what we were about to experience. And then it started: one great beer after another, with some awesome food to enhance the evening. All for just $30.00 per person, the night featured the following courses along with their beer accompaniment:

Now I’m sure you have all been to BJ’s before and if you’re an avid beer drinker, you probably already know how great their beers are (and most likely have tasted most of the above beers). Except…

… the Camaraderie Ale. This is a 8.0% alcohol beer brewed in Belgium and was really the featured beer for the evening. It’s a cross between a hoppy American-style Pale Ale with a traditional Belgium-style Golden Ale and is a collaboration between BJ’s brewing and the brewmasters at the historic Bavik Brewery in Belgium. Bavik has never collaborated with ANYONE before, more proof that the folks at BJ’s know exactly what they’re doing regarding beer brews. We even got to take home a commemorative glass as a souvenir!

You need to cancel whatever plans you’ve made tonight, get to BJ’s on Silverado and Eastern, and order the Camaraderie. It’s seriously that good. Do not wait for their next Beer Tasting / Food Pairing Event (currently scheduled for February 25th, 2013) – although we can’t wait for that event as well!

Once again, BJ’s Brewhouse never fails to impress!