Season 2, Episode 19: There’s little doubt that Las Vegas is a highly visited destination for global travelers. There’s also little doubt that CityCenter on the Las Vegas Strip is perhaps one of the most prominent destinations within the city of Las Vegas itself. It’s high end, it’s cool, it’s architecturally amazing, and it’s also the site of oToddEnglishPubne of the best craft beer places in town: Todd English Pub.

Todd English is world-renowned as a destination for great food and a craft beer menu that will blow you away. We played witness to this as the “I Love Beer” Show broadcasted live at their CityCenter location and met many of the key players at the establishment including the public relations manager, the brew master, the bartenders, and of course the chef as we tasted a variety of their craft beer offerings and the food that paired perfectly with the beers.

We had a little issue with the high speed internet, so the videos below are a little choppy, but don’t let that stop you from stopping by Todd English Pub if you’re local or making it a destination for some great food and drink if you’re a tourist. It’s that good and the people who work there are great – and extremely knowledgeable about craft beers as you’d expect. We started out the show with Carol the public relations manager, who’s basically responsible for the marketing, social media, and just about everything else for Todd English Pub and does all the work!

Then Matt and Eleanor brought out the beer and things got very interesting! After starting off with Joseph James’ Citra Rye (drink this, it’s great!), we then sampled the Firestone Double Jack IPA, St. Bernardus, and Innis & Gunn’s Irish Whiskey Cask Stout, all of which were phenomenal selections by the folks at Todd English.

The Firestone Double Jack at 9.5% alcohol is the very first Imperial IPA the company brewed and it tasted great! You won’t believe it’s that high in alcohol as the flavor masks the alcohol content very nicely. The St. Bernardus ABT 12 is a Belgium Quadruple Ale which comes in at about 10% alcohol as well. The beer was actually blessed by Saint Bernardus himself, so you’re not only drinking great craft beer, but you’re feeding your soul in the process – the way beer drinking should be! And we finished off with the Innis and Gunn’s Irish Whiskey Cask Stout, which is brewed for 60 days in an Irish whiskey cask (hence the name). At 7% alcohol, it’s light for a stout, but really has an interesting, unique taste that you just have to try for yourself to see what we mean. (as well as the Left Handed Milk Stout, that Eleanor highly recommended – hopefully we’ll highlight that on an upcoming show when Todd English Pub gets it on tap?)

Of course, you can’t drink great tasting craft beer without pairing it with food. We spoke with Chef Jean Paul who selected some great dishes that paired perfectly with the beer selections, including lobster brioche, pastrami sliders, and duck sticky buns, Obviously, you don’t go to Todd English Pub just for the craft beers!

Todd English Pub is located in the heart of CityCenter right between the Aria Casino/Resort and the Crystals Shopping Center – you’re talking ultra high end here. With Todd English, you’ve got the best “people watching” location in town as you can eat/drink outside in a relaxing environment. Plus, when we as avid baseball fans choose to do an “I Love Beer” show at Todd English over the MLB All Star Game, you know you’ve got a winner of a place for craft beers. We can’t say it enough: Todd English has one of the best craft beer menus in town. Like their Fanpage on Facebook for more info.

Tourists can only go here when they’re in town, but we’ve found out as locals that we have a diamond in the rough here. If you’re local to Vegas, get on out to Todd English Pub at CityCenter and experience first hand the excellent food, drink, and hospitality that the great staff provides as soon as you walk in the door!

And if you text BEER to 69302, we’ll keep you informed on new “I Love Beer” shows and the locations we’ll be at next.