Season 2, Episode 13: What better way to end Star Wars Day and the Kentucky Derby than tasting some great craft beers on the “I Love Beer” Show? Our latest show featured craft beer selections from Anchor Brewing Company out of San Francisco and Rogue Brewing’s Chipotle Ale, both of which scored very highly for those in attendance at Cheers Bar, the #1 Dive Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you’re looking for a really great tasting somewhat light for the summer, we can definitely attest to Anchor Brewing’s Summer Ale as a worthy selection. The beer poured a very clear golden-amber color with good lacing and about two fingers of foamy head. With a honey and clover aroma, the taste had a moderate, dry bitterness coupled with a wheat softness, making for a crisp overall texture with moderate carbonation. Coming in at 4.5% alcohol, our suggestion is that this beer makes a great intro to newly craft beer drinkers who normally drink the Bud-lites of the world, making this selection a great sessionable beer to drink with friends over a card game or sporting event. The fans at Cheers Bar agreed.

chip[1]Then for the remainder of the show, we broke out the Rogue Chipotle Ale, a world-class amber ale which poured a deep amber color and continued with a rich malty aroma, delicately spiced with smoked Jalapeno peppers to give it that extra bite! With minimal lacing, the beer smelled more malty than hoppy, but you can still detect a bit of peppery and spicy heat. Of course we’re quite biased with Rogue Brewing, but the taste of this craft beer hit hard, fast, and in a very pleasurable manner, showcasing the complexity of this well-balanced brew.

The first taste is a little cinnamon sweetness, then a toasty maltness, followed quickly with another burst of cinnamon warmth. The spices are mixed well and the aftertastes of spices and herbs are amazing – and surprisingly light and very refreshing for a 5.5% alcohol craft beer. The verdict: Rogue has done it again!

And so we capped off another fun night of craft beer tasting. It’s like we always say on the “I Love Beer” Show Facebook Fanpage: Who needs horses and Star Wars movies when you have great tasting craft beer to make your day worthwhile?