There’s only one way to make a sunny Saturday afternoon better: go to a Craft Beer Festival. And there’s only one way to make a craft beer festival better: munch on some great tasting pretzels. And there’s only one way to make pretzels taste even better: wear them on a pretzel necklace! And there’s only one way to upgrade the entire day: listen and watch live bands place blues music for the entire event.

On June 1st, 2013 the “I Love Beer” Show teamed up with “Pretzel Madness” for a fun-filled day of craft beer drinking at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, Nevada and what a day it was! With over 50 craft beer breweries in attendance, you were sure to find a craft beer you like – and many times LOVE! Beer festivals never get old, and Las Vegas puts everyone else to shame when it comes to knowing how to put on a great Craft Beer event. The beers were great. The pretzels were great. The people were great. And the music was great!

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