The post title says it all: there’s nothing like drinking craft beer at the Las Vegas Golf Club with music performed by Vegas’ very own Tommy Rocker. Beer and golf? We never heard of such a combination! But seriously, combining golf, beer, and great music is about as good as it gets – and no one disappointed (except for possibly our audio mic that we found out afterwards wasn’t functioning properly – we apologize for that.) Nonetheless, a great time was had by all, and we can’t say enough about the people staffing the event from the Las Vegas Golf Course. The recipe for Vegas success: Play a round of golf there, have a few beers at the bar, and head on over to Tommy Rockers to round off a great night!

1311704237_tommyguitar-beige_shirt[1]You gotta like Tommy’s Facebook Fan Page and his rendition of Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker” as well as the jokes told between lyrics. And what better way to finish off the show than with the classic “Red Solo Cup” from Toby Keith. During the show, Amanda and Samantha worked the bar and saved us all from Cenosillicaphobia (fear of an empty beer glass) and the food/drink specials where off the chart!

Food and beverage director Amanda mentioned the current beer selections on tap include Newcastle Founders Ale, Fat Tire, Magic Hat, Pacifico, Mich Ultra, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. They also have Newcastle, Blue Moon, Stella, Shock Top, Heini, Budweiser, Bud Light, Mich Ultra, Corona, Modelo, Coors Light, Coors, Miller Light, Big Hurt, and O’Doules! In other words, if you play golf, you’ll probably enjoy any one of these after your round. (or maybe before and during as well?). Did she mention the full bar too? We tried drinking as many of them as we could during the entire evening!

LVGC1[1]The Las Vegas Golf Club really makes for a great venue for these kinds of events. We’ve played the actual golf course many times and need to tell you that it’s nothing like what you’d expect from a municipal golf course. It’s fun, challenging, full of trees, and the greens and fairways are always in great shape.

We recommend that you “Like” and visit the Las Vegas Golf Club on Facebook for more information on the course and to stay up to date with the recent events they are constantly bringing to their fans, to say nothing about the great deals they have on Tee Times!

And you know when you attend beer festivals and events and see those awesome (say “awesome” with a New York accent) pretzel necklaces? They’re probably the work of Pretzel Madness, who’s always a big fan of the “I Love Beer” Show and always come up big during special events and beer festivals.

Again, we apologize for the audio issues we had during this filming, but as you can tell, the room was filled with the noise of people having a great time. Tommy Rocker rocked. The golf course cranked, and the craft beers went down easy. This all should be enough to convince you attend their next golf/beer/music party on May 31st, right?