On Monday, February 4th, 2019 the “I Love Beer Show” had their first show of the 2019 season and started it out strong drinking the award winning craft beer from 3 Monkeys Brewing from Madera, California. Filmed at Jimmy and Myrna’s Cantina, it’s always nice to drink craft beer on a rainy night in Las Vegas and we were happy to welcome 3 Monkeys brewer and CEO Michael Tate as a guest on the show. It’s not often a master brewer and company owner would drive 8 hours to bring us great beers to sample, but he did it – and oh, were they delicious!

3 Monkeys Brewing and their #MonkeyNation global brand is not new to the “I Love Beer Show”. In fact, they were one of the first shows we did at a beer festival in Lake Las Vegas way back in 2012, which is why we were so psyched when we learned that Michael Tate would be in Las Vegas to do our show.

We started the show by tasting their Golden Monkey IPA, a well balanced California IPA coming in at about 7.5 ABV. We found it had a lot of flavor, but not overpowering, and making it a very easy IPA to drink. It poured a hazy deep orange-brown color with not much head. The aroma was one of a sweet caramel malt and a hint of citrus and the malt flavor come out well. We especially liked the hop profile which provided a smooth mouthfeel making this selection a great, well-balanced IPA.

After marveling at the custom tap handles that 3 Monkeys provide in bars that carry their brand, we continued the show by sampling their Boardhead Tangerine Blonde Ale, a light 5.1% ABV medium body beer. The beer poured a golden orange color with a thin head of white foam. But we found great about this beer was that the tangerine flavoring wasn’t overpowering. It had a light tangerine aroma with a bit of a hoppy bite at the end that went down great. Those that like experimenting with fruit flavored beers have to give this one a try! No wonder it’s becoming so popular and selling so strong! Plus we even had a souvenir on location for this selection – and didn’t even know it! Stick around… there are more flavored craft beers in the 3 Monkeys Brewing future for sure!

Then we kicked the show in high gear with perhaps our favorite selection from 3 Monkeys: their Brown Barrel Ale. This handcrafted Brown Ale is a traditional nut brown ale using the finest 2-row malt with a blend of victory malt, brown malt, wheat malt, chocolate, roasted barley and hopped to perfection. All you have to do is watch the video to see why it’s one of our favorite brown ales of all time! (Yes, all time!). This 5.8% ABV beer is well-balanced with just enough hoppiness and a slight chocolate note to make for a great enjoyable beer that is well worth attending any beer festival that 3 Monkeys Brewing pours this at!

Finally, we ended the show by tasting the 3 Monkeys Whiskey Barrel Ale, a 5.8% ABV beauty which was almost like taking their Brown Barrel Ale and making it even better! After opening the waxed capped bottle, we tasted sweet, slight chocolate notes in a smooth and well balanced whiskey ale that poured dark brown with a huge creamy beige head. Another huge winner from Three Monkeys! (enter applause here).

The takeaway from this show is that if you find any beers from 3 Monkeys Brewing at your local craft beer store, go for it! You will not be disappointed. We’re hoping to see them at many of the craft beer festivals we attend in the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas as well. There’s a lot of news that’s about to break as to the future of 3 Monkeys Brewing – and we hope that Michael continues to be a friend of the show and comes on again with his company updates and new craft beers as they’re introduced. In the meantime, don’t just sit there and drink craft beer – OWN craft beer instead and invest in brewery crowdfunding. We make that happen with Craft Beer Investors, and you’ll certainly want to be part of the Craft Beer Mob too!

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