Yes, Virginia, there is great craft beer in Kingman, Arizona! After our visit there on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018, the “I Love Beer Show” can confirm that statement first hand – and we can also highly recommend stopping into Rickety Cricket Brewing as a top-notch destination for craft beer fans looking for the new and original beer selections they currently have on tap! Watch the show as brewery owner Terry and brewmaster Matt take you through a tour of their brewery and describe their brewery history and vision, as we sample some of the awesome craft beers that you can drink yourself when you visit the brewery located at 312 E. Beale Street in Downtown Kingman. Don’t miss out on this hidden treasure!

What do you do when you can’t find a beer you like to drink on a daily basis? You brew your own and start your own brewery, that’s what you do! And that’s what brewery owner Terry did when he opened the House of Hops and Rickety Cricket Brewing, two great craft beer oasis’ located in the same building at 312 E. Beale Street in Downtown Kingman, Arizona. As you can see when you watch the video, Terry and Brewmaster Matt have since created some really great tasting, original and sessionable beers that you have to try for yourself. Terry creates the recipe, Mark makes the beer happen!

How good are their “Gooder Beers”? Just know that on the day of filming, Terry and Matt were returning from pouring their beers at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado – which every true craft beer fan knows is practically the “World Series” of beer festivals with over 80,000 in attendance worldwide. Just showing up at that event means you’ve “arrived” in terms of the best of craft beer enthusiasts. To actually pour and exhibit there means you’re an industry player. After sampling some of the 24 craft beer selections on tap at Rickety Cricket, we can certainly understand why and highly recommend this place to anyone into the craft beer scene, regardless of your location. And priding themselves in sessionable beers, you can probably drink them all!

As you’ll learn in the video, Terry isn’t only just the owner, but he also pretty much developed the entire brewery and equipment setup himself from his background in steel fabrication. The tour he gave us of his brewery was quite impressive, the highlight of which was drinking the Double Peach IPA right out of the fermenter! Then we moved up to the “crow’s nest” (or “cricket nest”) to taste a variety of Terry’s favorites, including his version of a kolsch (a “Best of Show” winner), his Irish Red, and his hazy IPA. Dameron said it best: “This is something I can wake up to drinking…”

And don’t forget Rickety Cricket has award winning food as well. That’s code for “beer-food pairing”. The only bad part about Rickety Crickety is that they don’t move any beer out of state, so you’ll have to get to Arizona to enjoy their beers. But we did it, so you should too! So Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and start drinking sessionable!