On Thursday, May 17th, 2018, the “I Love Beer Show” visited “3 Sheets Craft Beer Bar”, one of the newest craft beer bars in Las Vegas. Located in Downtown Las Vegas in the “Arts District”, 3 Sheets provided the perfect atmosphere and venue to drink some amazing craft beers, and owners Stephanie and Wendy sure picked some great selections from their over 30 taps to chose from! But what really sets this bar apart from the rest is their cozy open-air rooftop patio – a perfect location to start the show! Watch the full episode video here:

Enter Stephanie, co-owner of Three Sheets Craft Beer Bar who explained the origin of the bar and their vision for craft beer in Las Vegas. With many excellent breweries already located in Downtown Las Vegas (and regular fans of the I Love Beer Show know exactly who those brewers are), now the area has another craft beer bar to frequent. And from the looks of it, this place has something for everyone, whether you’re a stout, IPA, porter, lager, or whatever – 3 Sheets has something on tap for you. Plus, there’s a lot of fun “on tap” as well (you see what we did there?).

We took to the ground-floor courtyard at 3 Sheets for the actual craft beer tasting part of the show. The layout of this bar is fantastic. You have the courtyard part, a large outdoor entryway with tables, the ground-floor indoors with all their beer selections on a large screen TV serving as the latest menu, plus a spiral staircase leading to the upstairs bar, with a sidedoor which leads to the top patio. And by the way, all areas of the bar have large TVs so you can watch your latest sports (like watching the Stanley Cup Finals bound Vegas Golden Knights for example!).

The first craft beer we sampled was the Revision Double IPA, which as the name indicates, is an 8.0% double IPA from Revision Brewing out of Sparks, Nevada. We’ve never featured anything from Revision before on the Show, but just as 3 Sheets are huge fans of this brewery, we are now too! As you can see from the video, we all thought it was amazing and gave it a big two-thumbs up! Nice job, Revision. We may have to look into what other selections are available from this brewery now!

Next on the sample list was a really original tasting Sangriaveza from the Almanac Beer Company located in Northern California (Alameda to be exact). Besides looking like the perfect summery drink, when drinking this sour red ale we were immediately hit with a fruity/grape aroma, followed by a great fruit-malt mix taste and a big sweetness in the finish. At 6.5% ABV, you can see why you can drink many of these – and should! (But maybe not as fast as Dameron drank it on the show!)

Our courtyard drinking ended with an amazing barrel aged Imperial Milk Stout from one of our local favorites, Bad Beat Brewing – and why not? … 3 Sheets had a Bad Beat tap takeover right after the show, so the timing on this was perfect. At 9.0% ABV, “The Heater” is aptly named because not only is it a strong tasting stout, but it’s made with Serrano Peppers for that added extra kick! Located in Henderson, Bad Beat Brewing has turned out some of the best craft beers in all of Las Vegas, and this Imperial Milk Stout adds to their record of success. And speaking of success, these are the type of unique selections that are available on tap at 3 Sheets Craft Beer Bar, a selection that changes daily to bring craft beer drinkers exactly what’s important when trying out craft: variety.

Then, as every I Love Beer Show fan knows, we can’t just end a show without at least one bonus segment. And for this one, we moved to the upstairs bar at 3 Sheets Craft Beer Bar and popped open the “Lucky 13” from Lagunitas Brewing in Petaluma, California. Lagunitas has been a go-to beer for us for years, but surprisingly we had never tried the Lucky 13 until showtime. And once again, we were not disappointed. This 8.8% ABV red ale was brewed for Lagunitas’ 13th year anniversary and is big on amarillo hops and rich dark malts for a round smoky flavor. Now you don’t have to be in Las Vegas to appreciate the significance of “Lucky 13”. Find it for yourself, and add it to your arsenal of top-notch selections.

Finally, we closed out the show with another rare find for us, the 471 Double IPA from Breckenridge Brewing out of Breckenridge, Colorado. In a word: delicious! This 11.2% ABV, barrel aged, dry hopped, small batch Eureka begins with a fruity vanilla-ish aroma and finishes with a medium to heavy mouthful with just the right amount of carbonation. It’s hard to find a really good barrel aged IPA, but this one is about as good as they come. If you’re a double IPA drinker – like we are – it’s time to upgrade with this selection! And why do they call it “471”? Well, you’ll just have to watch the show for the answer to that one!

If you get one takeaway from watching this entire episode, it’s this: get yourself to 3 Sheets Craft Beer Bar and enjoy some of the same selections we drank on the show. They’re located at Casino Center and Charleston with the big sign in front that says “BAR”. You can’t miss it – and you shouldn’t. Chalk up this place as another great craft beer watering hole in the desert and everyone at the I Love Beer Show would like to thank them for their hospitality!… and if you’re ever in Dublin, California, you can visit their location there as well!

Don’t have time to watch the full episode? Check out each individual segment here:

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