Season 2, Episode: 16: You can’t go wrong drinking craft beer at the Las Vegas Golf Club, and being there and doing a live beer show made for a great “Customer Appreciation Day” happy hour. Even though show regular Dameron was no where to be found, we drank craft beer and spoke with the staff, the cart girls, the bartender, the food/beverage manager, the DJ’s at the event, and many more for a really fun time filled with great food and beer. If you missed it, make sure you text BEER to 69302 to stay informed of the next “I Love Beer” Show at the golf course.

6249_117109326667_5329242_n[1]The Las Vegas Golf Club is one of the oldest and most classic golf course in Las Vegas. As mentioned on the show, they have phenomenal tee time discounts and a great food/beverage menu as well. The “I Love Beer” Show features a variety of Las Vegas venues that serve craft beer which make for great destinations for craft beer drinkers.

Besides the Las Vegas golf course, the show will join the folks over at Pretzel Madness for the Las Vegas Blues and Brews Festival on Saturday June 1, 2013 at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas Nevada. Trust us – do not miss this great event. It’s going to be a ton of fun!

While most of our viewers watch the show live from Cheers Bar in Las Vegas, many other craft beer joints are planned for the future, so visit our Fanpage and “like” it so you don’t get left behind at

It’s time you joined Amanda, Joanne, and Samantha and tip a few craft beers at the Las Vegas golf course. Finally, here are a few fanpages to visit as mentioned in today’s show: