(S4E2) On Saturday, July 8th, 2017, the “I Love Beer Show” broadcasted from Jimmy and Myrna’s Cantina in Las Vegas, Nevada and showcased a variety of craft beers from craft beer brewer Lost Coast Brewing in Eureka, California. Watch the full length video below and see why we think the beers from Lost Coast are so tasty and refreshing (especially during summer time … and especially pool-side!) Your takeaway from this show is this: if you find craft beer from Lost Coast at your neighborhood beer distributor, you can’t go wrong buying it!

You can also view each individual segment at the links below:

  • Watermelon Wheat:
    In this segment, we featured their Watermelon Wheat coming in at 5.0% ABV and made for a great fruity and easy drinking summer craft beer. This beelostcoastthumbr was a big hit at the Craft Beer Festival that the Craft Beer Mob attended when we met the folks at Lost Coast, and we knew right then and there we had to get them on the show.
  • Tangerine Wheat:
    In this segment, we featured their Tangerine Wheat coming in at 5.5% ABV. If you like fruity tasting craft beer, this one’s a big winner (some think it’s even better than their Watermelon Wheat which we featured on a previous segment). The #CraftBeerMob in attendance guzzled this one down quickly for a great tasting poolside #craftbeer. Impressive to say the least!
  • White Style Belgian:
    The White-style Belgian from Lost Coast is a 4.8% craft beer that tasted absolutely amazing for such a sessionable beer. But don’t let the term “belgian” scare you – it really didn’t taste anything like what you would expect from the traditional belgian taste profile (perhaps a good entry into the belgian style) – and craft beers from Lost Coast now come in cans too! Just in time for Shark Week! (Marshall the dog approves)
  • Fog Cutter Double IPA:
    Our final selection was Lost Coast’s 8.7% “Fog Cutter” ABV Double IPA. Besides cool graphics on the label, this craft beer was not as hoppy as you’d think for a somewhat sessionable double IPA. But it had a great aroma, great hoppy mouthfeel, and you still get the nice smooth taste of a summer time IPA. So good, the cameraman couldn’t wait to taste it!

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