We’re in the process of renovating both our website and Facebook fan page. Now that we’re at the point where many venues are contacting us and people are actually recognizing us on the streets, we’re making a serious push to make this venture more social media friendly.

When this site is complete, you’ll be able to:

  • View the show live directly on this website AND from the Facebook Fan Page (yes, we are integrating REAL social media with Facebook, unlike other Fan Pages where they tell you what they had for dinner!)
  • Enter video contests and photo contests to win prizes from our sponsors (think cases of beer and such that we feature on the site)
  • Comment on any part of what we’re doing both in real time and on the archives
  • Contact us to be a guest on the show either on location or via Skype anywhere in the world (breweries wanted!)

With over 1000 people liking and tuning into our broadcasts already, we’re hoping to turn this show into a unique and informative visual experience. Cheers!