For those of you who didn’t attend New Vista’s Brew’s Best Festival at Lake Las Vegas this weekend, you missed out on sampling over 90 beers from local and regional craft breweries, as well as live music, great food, and what only can be described as a fantastic overall day of craft beer tasting. For $30 admission, you got an all-you-can-drink ticket and the proceeds went towards a great cause: the New Vista charity dedicated to empowering the disabled community.

As far as the brewers in attendance, I’m not sure where to start as each had their own specialty brews on tap for all to sample – and without exception, they were all excellent! Here’s a quick rundown on who we saw and spoke to at the event:

The entire event went from 1:00pm to 6:00pm so there was plenty of time to sample all these great beers. Unfortunately – or fortunately in some cases – a sample just wasn’t enough as there were fantastic beers to choose from.

As mentioned earlier, all the beer we tasted was excellent. But I’d have to say the guys at Banger Brewing put out the most original variety of craft beer, with a close second being Three Monkeys and their Yosemite IPA. All their selections were awesome! Noble has a great IPA as well, but their Good Ship ESB really won us over – trust us, it’s a MUST try regardless of the kind of beer drinker you are. The folks over at Big Dogs also outdid themselves with the varieties they had for sample – very impressive selection. Rounding out our top 10 were Tenaya Creek Calico Brown Ale, Joseph James Tahoo Blue, Ellis Island’s Amber, Money Plays Breakaway Pale Ale, Mendocinos Oatmeal Stout, and Indian Wells Lobotomy Bock.

After all, beer brewing is chemistry and science, and like the old saying goes, “I’d rather have a beer in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”