During a recent show at Cheers Bar and Grill in Las Vegas, we highlighted a craft beer named “Batch 19“,  a per-prohibition beer brewed by Coors. What we didn’t realize at the time, besides how good it was, was its extremely interesting back-story on how this beer came to be. Here’s an archive of the event:

Way back in 1919, the now-named “Batch 19” was brewed from a secret recipe that survived the ages, only to be discovered in 2004 when a brewer at Coors discovered the old logbook containing the secret Coors recipe and rescued the book from a flooding basement. The recipe was brewed, tasters loved it and decided to market it under the name “Batch 19” pre-Prohibition Style Lager. Watch the video below for more details:

Despite being genius marketing, it actually is a pretty good beer. The net result is a beer that’s very malty, medium-bodied, full-flavored with a really nice assertive hop character to it. What’s really shocking is you get a beer like this from the same brewers of the likes of Coors Light! Either way, the beer is trying to represent what that 1919 beer would have tasted like if you drank it before Prohibition.

So how can you drink it in present day times? We would suggest going to Cheers Bar and Grill where they are offering it for just $2/bottle. (And the bottle’s pretty cool too!). Or you can visit their fanpage on Facebook for more info on this brew.

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