When you know of great breweries, you have to follow their latest craft beer selections. We at the “I Love Beer” Show know that the Deshutes Brewery out of Bend, Oregon is one of the best. That’s why when we found out about the release of their new seasonal winter ale, we just had to try it! – a dedicate the latest show on Deshutes’ Jubelale at Cheers Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jubelale is actually quite a strong malty ale with an alcoholic content of 6.7%. Its hops include Nugget, Willamette, Styrian, Cascade, East Kent Goldings, and Tettnang, combined with a variety of malt to create a deep red, medium bodied brew that simply tastes great. The label on the bottle has an interesting story as well which you can read about here.

We’ve tasted a variety of the beer offerings from Deschutes and every single one of them has been great. The bottom line – if you enjoy stronger craft beer and you get a chance at Jubelale, take it! It’s a seasonal and won’t be around for long, but it’ll definitely help you enjoy the holidays!