Alcohol content is an important number to be concerned with as you’re tasting and sampling beers. After all, what good is a sampling session if you can’t remember what you’re drinking, right? With that in mind, consult the table below to find out how much alcohol is in the beers that you’re drinking. Some are surprising, some are not. But either way we hope your craft beer tasting becomes more enjoyable armed with this information.

Brand Brewery % Alc (ABV)
Nordik Wolf Light A.B. Pripps Bryggerier (Sweden) 4.7
Turbodog Abita Brewing Company 5.6
Abbey Ale Abita Brewing Company 8.0
Pecan Abita Brewing Company 5.0
Jockamo Abita Brewing Company 6.5
Red Ale Abita Brewing Company 5.2
Amber Abita Brewing Company 4.5
Bock Abita Brewing Company 6.5
Fall Fest Abita Brewing Company 5.4
Restoration Abita Brewing Company 5.0
Andygator Abita Brewing Company 8.0
Purple Haze Abita Brewing Company 4.2
Satsuma Abita Brewing Company 5.1
Strawberry Abita Brewing Company 4.2
Save Our Shore Abita Brewing Company 7.0
Wheat Abita Brewing Company 4.2
Golden Abita Brewing Company 4.2
Light Abita Brewing Company 4.0
Christmas Ale Abita Brewing Company 7.5
Alaskan Winter Ale Alaskan Brewing 6.2
Alaskan Smoked Porter Alaskan Brewing 6.1
Alaskan Stout Alaskan Brewing 5.7
Alaskan Amber Alaskan Brewing 5.0
Alaskan ESB Alaskan Brewing 5.0
Alaskan Pale Ale Alaskan Brewing 4.6
Kiltlifter Alcatraz Brewing Co 6.0
Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale Alexander Keith (Halifax) 5.0
Alexander Keiths Traditional Lager Alexander Keith (Halifax) 5.0
Amstel Amstel Brouwerij B.V. (Holland) 3.9
Amstel Light Amstel Brouwerij B.V. (Holland) 3.5
Old Foghorn Anchor 9.0
Liberty Ale Anchor 6.0
Anchor Porter Anchor 5.6
Anchor Small Anchor 3.3
Anchor Steam Anchor 4.9
Hop Ottin’ Anderson Valley 7.0
Winter Solstice Anderson Valley 6.9
Belk’s ESB Anderson Valley 6.8
Boont Amber Anderson Valley 5.8
Barney Flats Oatmeal Anderson Valley 5.7
Deep Enders Porter Anderson Valley 5.5
Poleeko Gold Anderson Valley 5.5
High Rollers Wheat Anderson Valley 5.3
Hurricane High Gravity Lager Anheuser Busch 8.1
Bud Light Platinum Anheuser Busch 6.0
Busch Ice Anheuser Busch 5.9
Natural Ice Anheuser Busch 5.9
Bud Ice Anheuser Busch 5.5
Budweiser American Ale Anheuser Busch 5.3
Michelob Amber Boch Anheuser Busch 5.2
Michelob Anheuser Busch 5.0
Budweiser Anheuser Busch 5.0
Bud Dry Anheuser Busch 5.0
Michelob Honey Lager Anheuser Busch 4.9
Redbridge (Gluten free beer) Anheuser Busch 4.8
Michelob Golden Draft Anheuser Busch 4.7
Busch Beer Anheuser Busch 4.6
Michelob Light Anheuser Busch 4.3
Budweiser Select Anheuser Busch 4.3
Bud Light Lime Anheuser Busch 4.2
Busch Light Anheuser Busch 4.2
Bud Light Anheuser Busch 4.2
Natural Light Anheuser Busch 4.2
Bud Light Golden Wheat Anheuser Busch 4.1
Michelob Golden Draft Light Anheuser Busch 4.1
Bud Ice Light Anheuser Busch 4.1
Michelob Ultra Anheuser Busch 4.1
Ziegenbock (TX) Anheuser Busch 4.0
Budweiser 66 (UK) Anheuser Busch 4.0
Bud Select 55 / Bud 55 Anheuser Busch 2.4
O’Doul’s Anheuser Busch 0.4
Anhauser Busch King Cobra Anheuser-Busch 6.0
Shock Top Wheat IPA Anheuser-Busch 5.8
Shock Top Belgian White Anheuser-Busch 5.2
Shock Top Raspberry Wheat Anheuser-Busch 5.2
Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat Anheuser-Busch 5.2
Shock Top Lemon Shandy Anheuser-Busch 4.2
Shock Top Anheuser-Busch  
Blue Dawg Brewing Blueberry Lager Anheuser-Busch InBev 8.0
Bramha Chopp Anheuser–Busch InBev (Brazil) 4.8
Asahi Draft Beer Asahi (Japan) 5.0
Yellow Tail Pale Ale Ballast Point Brewing Co 5.2
Big Eye IPA Ballast Point Brewing Company 6.8
Bass & Co’s Pale Ale Bass (England) 5.5
Beamish Stout Beamish 3.8
Beamish Irish Cream Stout Beamish – Crawford (Ireland) 4.9
Beck’s Beck’s 5.0
Yanjing Beijing Yanjing Brewery (China) 5.0
Third Coast Old Ale Bell’s/Kalamazoo 10.2
Expedition Stout Bell’s/Kalamazoo 10.0
Cherry Stout Bell’s/Kalamazoo 8.0
Double Cream Stout Bell’s/Kalamazoo 7.5
Two Hearted Ale Bell’s/Kalamazoo 7.0
Kalamazoo Stout Bell’s/Kalamazoo 6.5
Oberon Bell’s/Kalamazoo 6.0
Best Brown Ale Bell’s/Kalamazoo 5.8
Amber Ale Bell’s/Kalamazoo 5.5
Pale Ale Bell’s/Kalamazoo 5.0
BBC Steal Rail Berkshire Brewing Company 5.3
Chimay Grand Reserve Bières de Chimay S.A. (Belgium) 9.0
Hell’s Belle Big Boss 7.0
Buttface Amber Ale Big Horn Brewing Company 3.1
Moose Drool Big Sky Brown Ale Big Sky brewery 4.2
Bitburger Drive Bitburger Breweries 0.0
Wild Blue Lager Blue Dog 8.0
Blue Moon White Blue Moon 5.4
Boddingtons Pub Ale Boddingtons Brewery 4.7
Singha Boon Rawd Brewery (Thailand) 5.0
Samuel Adams Imperial Stout Boston Beer Co 9.2
Samuel Adams Wee Heavy Boston Beer Co 10.0
Samuel Adams Imperial White Boston Beer Co 10.3
Sam Adams Alpine Spring Boston Beer Co 5.5
Sam Adams Noble Pils Boston Beer Co 4.9
Sam Adams Triple Bock Boston Beer Co 17.5
Sam Adams Double Bock Boston Beer Co 8.5
Sam Adams IPA Boston Beer Co 5.9
Sam Adams Winter Lager Boston Beer Co 5.8
Sam Adams Octoberfest Boston Beer Co 5.7
Sam Adams Pale Ale Boston Beer Co 5.3
Sam Adams Spring Ale Boston Beer Co 5.2
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Boston Beer Co 5.2
Sam Adams Summer Ale Boston Beer Co 5.2
Sam Adams Boston Ale Boston Beer Co 4.9
Sam Adams Boston Lager Boston Beer Co 4.8
Sam Adams Cream Stout Boston Beer Co 4.7
Sam Adams Golden Pilsner Boston Beer Co 4.6
Sam Adams Light Boston Beer Co 4.1
Boulevard Pilsner Boulevard Brewing Company 4.8
Beck’s Beer Brauerei Beck (Germany) 5.0
Beck’s Dark Brauerei Beck (Germany) 4.8
Beck’s Light Brauerei Beck (Germany) 3.8
Samichlaus Beer (Santa Claus Beer) Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg (Austria) 14.0
Christmas Ale Breckenridge 7.4
Autumn Ale Breckenridge 6.7
Pandora’s Bock Breckenridge 5.8
Pale Ale Breckenridge 5.7
Avalanche Amber Breckenridge 5.4
Oatmeal Stout Breckenridge 5.0
Vanilla Porter – Breckenridge Brewery Breckenridge Brewery 4.7
Tactical Nuclear Penguin BrewDog (Scotland) 32.0
Old Knucklehead BridgePort 8.9
Ebenezer Ale BridgePort 6.4
ESB BridgePort 6.1
Black Strap Stout BridgePort 6.0
IPA BridgePort 5.5
Porter BridgePort 5.5
Pintail Ale BridgePort 5.2
Blue Heron BridgePort 4.9
Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Brewery 5.2
Corsondonk Brown Abbey Brouwerij Corsendonk 7.5
Witches Brew Golden Ale 9.3% Brouwerij Van Steenberge 9.3
Budvar Budweiser Budvar 5.0
Czechver (Budvar) Budweiser Budvar 5.0
Busch Busch 4.6
Wildcats Premium Beer Cairngorm Brewery 5.1
Lost Lake Camo Brewing 5.5
Wisconsin Amber Capital Brewery 5.2
Stag Lager Carib Brewery (Trinidad & Tobago) 5.5
Palone Carlsberg (Denmark) 6.9
Carlsberg Carlsberg (Denmark) 5.0
Carlsburg Carlsburg Group (Denmark) 4.6
Carlsburg Light Carlsburg Group (Denmark) 2.7
Sheaf Stout Carlton & United (Australia) 5.2
Dos Equis XX Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 4.8
Corona Extra Beer Cereveria Modela SA (Mexico) 4.6
Corona Light Cereveria Modela SA (Mexico) 4.5
Cerveza Carta Blanca Cerveceria Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 4.0
Caballo Extra Cerveceria La Constancia (El Salvador) 4.2
Superior Imported Beer Cerveceria Moctezuma (Mexico) 4.3
Dos Equis XX Special Lager Cerveceria Montezuma (Mexico) 4.9
Sol Cerveza Especial Cerveceria Montezuma (Mexico) 4.1
Tecate / Cerveza Tecate Cervecerla Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 4.4
El Presidente Cerveria Nacional Dominicana 5.0
Christian Moerlein Over-The-Rhine Ale Christian Moerlein Brewing Company 6.0
Christian Moerlein Emancipator Doppelbock Christian Moerlein Brewing Company 6.5
Jai Alai Cigar City 7.5
Crazy Stallion City Brewery (Melanie Brewing Co) 5.9
Clausthaler Clausthaler 0.4
Thos Cooper & Sons Adelaide Lager Cooper & Sons (Australia) 4.2
Thos Cooper & Sons Stout Cooper & Sons (Australia) 7.1
Thos Cooper & Sons Real Ale Cooper & Sons (Australia) 6.8
Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale Coopers 7.1
Coopers Stout Coopers 6.8
Coopers Pale Ale Coopers 5.9
Coopers Sparkling Ale Coopers 5.8
Coopers Premium Ale Coopers 4.9
Coopers Dark Ale Coopers 4.5
Coopers Draught Coopers 4.5
Corona Extra Corona 4.6
Czechvar Czechvar 5.0
Yuengling Ale D.G. Yuengilng 5.0
Yuengling Porter D.G. Yuengilng 4.5
Yuengling Lager D.G. Yuengling 4.4
Yuengling Premium Beer D.G. Yuengling 4.4
Yuengling Light D.G. Yuengling 3.8
Broken Top Bock Deschutes 7.0
Obsidian Stout Deschutes 6.7
Jubelale Deschutes 6.7
Quail Springs IPA Deschutes 5.8
Cinder Cone Red Deschutes 5.8
Mirror Pond Pale Deschutes 5.3
Black Butte Porter Deschutes 5.2
Pine Mountain Pils Deschutes 5.1
Bachelor ESB Deschutes 5.0
Cascade Ale Deschutes 4.5
Dragon Stout Desnoes – Goeddes (Jamaica) 6.8
Red Strlpe Lager Beer Desnoes & Geddes (Jamaica) 5.0
Dogfish Head Dogfish Brewery 15.0
Smithwicks Ale Dundalk (Ireland) 5.0
Edison Light Edison Light 4.0
RAMSAY’S FAT LIP ALE English Ales Brewery 5.5
Matt Brewing Co. Saranac White IPA F X Matt Brewing Co., Utica, NY 6.0
Victoria Bitter (VB) Fosters (Australia) 4.6
Kilt Lifter Scottish Style Ale Four Peaks 6.0
Fuller’s ESB Fuller, Smith & Tuner 5.9
Fuller’s ESB Fuller’s 5.9
Fuller’s London Pride Fuller’s 4.7
Furstenberg German Beer Fustlich Ferstenbergische 4.4
Colt 45 Malt Liquor G. Heileman 6.1
Tuborg Deluxe Dark Export G. Heileman 5.1
Tuborg Export Quality G. Heileman 5.0
Carling Black Label G. Heileman 4.3
Foster’s Lager Garlton & United (Australia) 5.1
Big Flats Genesee Brewing Company 4.8
Roscoe’s Hop House Genesee Brewing Company 5.5
Genessee 12 Horse Genessee/High Falls 4.8
Genny Light Genessee/High Falls 3.6
Kipling Light Lager Genessee/High Falls 3.4
Good People Brewing Company IPA Good People Brewing Company 7.2
Bourbon County Brand Stout Goose Island Brewery 14.5
Goose Island Golden Pilsner Goose Island Brewery 4.2
Blonde Bock Gordon Biersch 7.0
Märzen Gordon Biersch 5.7
Pilsner Gordon Biersch 5.3
Berlot Great Lakes Brewing Co 10.6
Barley Wine Great Lakes Brewing Co 10.2
Anniversary Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 9.5
Barrel-Aged Blackout Stout Great Lakes Brewing Co 9.5
Belgian Tripel Dog Dare Great Lakes Brewing Co 9.5
Tempus Fugit Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 9.5
Rackhouse Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 9.5
Lake Erie Monster Great Lakes Brewing Co 9.1
Blackout Stout Great Lakes Brewing Co 9.0
Loch Erie Scotch Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 8.3
Grand Cru Great Lakes Brewing Co 8.2
Nosferatu Great Lakes Brewing Co 8.0
Honey Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 8.0
Instigator Doppelbock Great Lakes Brewing Co 8.0
Abbey Ave. Dubbel Great Lakes Brewing Co 8.0
Glockenspiel Great Lakes Brewing Co 8.0
The Doppelrock Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.8
Commodore Perry IPA Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.5
Christmas Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.5
Rye of the Tiger Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.5
Imperial Dortmunder Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.5
Rockefeller Bock Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.5
The Stein Bach Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.5
Bailout Brew Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.5
Hop Madness Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.5
Black Ice Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.0
Alberta Clipper Great Lakes Brewing Co 7.0
Conway’s Irish Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.5
Oktoberfest Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.5
Grassroots Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.2
Eliot Ness Amber Lager Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.2
Big Black Smoke Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.2
Woodtooth Porter Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.2
Burning River Pale Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.0
Independence Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.0
Engine 20 Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.0
Cleveland Brown Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.0
Aloha Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 6.0
Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.8
Rapid Red Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.8
Rubicon Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.8
Dortmunder Gold Lager Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.8
Rock’s Rye Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.7
Cream Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.5
York Street Bitter Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.5
Goldrush Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.5
Holy Moses White Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.4
Pumpkin Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.4
The Wright Pils Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.3
Market Street Wheat Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.3
Schwarzbier Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.3
Barrel Select Pils Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.1
Prohibition Pils Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.1
Lorelei Dunkel Weizen Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.1
Cellar Dweller Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.0
Moondog ESB Great Lakes Brewing Co 5.0
Wolfhound Stout Great Lakes Brewing Co 4.8
WIT Till Next Year! Great Lakes Brewing Co 4.8
Wit’s End Great Lakes Brewing Co 4.8
Ohio City Oatmeal Stout Great Lakes Brewing Co 4.8
Locktender Lager Great Lakes Brewing Co 4.8
Altbier Great Lakes Brewing Co 4.6
Highlander Scottish Ale Great Lakes Brewing Co 4.6
Thomas Jeffe-Weizen Great Lakes Brewing Co 4.6
Great Lakes Bitter Great Lakes Brewing Co 4.3
Big Fog ESB Great Northern Brewery 6.0
Highlander Premium Beer Great Northern Brewery 4.6
Wheatfish Great Northern Brewery 4.8
Wild Huckleberry Wheat Great Northern Brewery 4.6
Hellroaring Amber Lager Great Northern Brewery 5.1
Going to the Sun
Great Northern Brewery 5.7
Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager  Great Northern Brewery 4.6
SnowGhost Winter Lager Great Northern Brewery 5.9
Fred’s Black Lager Great Northern Brewery 4.9
Buckin’ Horse Pilsner Great Northern Brewery 5.1
Great Wall Green Bamboo (China) 4.6
Chester Golden A]e Greenall Whitley (England) 5.4
Greenall’s Cheshire English Pub Beer Greenall Whitley PLC (England) 5.0
Grolsch Grolsch 5.0
Grolsch Lager Beer Grolsch Bierbrouweri (Holland) 5.0
Modelo Especial Grupo Modelo (Mexico) 4.4
Pacifico Clara Grupo Modelo (Mexico) 4.5
Negra Modelo Grupo Modelo (Mexico) 5.3
Guinness Black Lager Guiness Brewery 4.5
Foreign Extra Stout Guinness (Ireland) 7.5
Guinness Extra Stout Guinness (Ireland) 5.0
Guiness Draught – Bottle Guinness (Ireland) 4.2
Hacker Pschorr Hacker-Pschorr Bräu GmbH 5.8
Hamm’s Light Hamm’s 4.1
Harp Harp (Ireland) 4.6
Harpoon Dark Harpoon Brewery 5.5
Harpoon IPA Harpoon Brewery 5.9
Rich & Dan’s Rye IPA Harpoon Brewery 6.9
Harpoon Ale Harpoon Brewery 5.0
Old Style Beer Heileman/Pabst 4.7
Buckler Heineken 0.0
Heineken Heineken 5.4
Heineken Light Heineken 3.5
Heineken Special Dark Beer Heineken (Holland) 5.1
Heineken Lager Beer Heineken (Holland) 5.0
Weinhard’s Amber Ale Henry Weinhard’s 5.3
Weinhard’s Hefeweizen Henry Weinhard’s 4.9
Weinhard’s Dark Henry Weinhard’s 4.8
Private Reserve Henry Weinhard’s 4.5
Genesee Ice High Falls Brewing 5.9
Genesee Cream Ale High Falls Brewing 5.1
Genesee Red High Falls Brewing 4.9
Michael Shea’s High Falls Brewing 4.6
Genesee Beer High Falls Brewing 4.5
Hoegaarden Hoegaarden 5.0
Wolters Pilsener Premium Hofbrauhaus Wolters GMBH, Braunschweig,
Stella Artois Holland 5.2
Hornsby Draft Cider Hornsby Draft 5.5
Little King’s Cream Ale Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing 5.5
Little King’s Cream Ale Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing 5.5
Hudy Delight Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing 5.0
Little Kings Creame Ale Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing 5.5
Burger Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing 4.7
Hudepohl Amber Lager Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing 4.2
Burger Light Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing 4.1
Hudy Light Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing 3.8
Honey Brown J.W. Dundee 4.5
Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Jacob Leinenkugel 4.2
Karlovacko Croatia Karlovacko Croatia 5.0
Kilarney’s Red Lager Kilarney’s 5.0
Killian’s Killian’s 4.9
Kirin Beer Kirin (Japan) 6.8
Kirkland Signature Pale Ale Kirkland Brewery 6.5
Big Wave Kona Brewing Company 5.3
Konig Pilsener König Brauerei 4.9
Kronenbourg Imported Dark Beer Kronenbourg (France) 5.0
Kronenbourg Beer Kronenbourg (France) 5.1
Lucky Lager Force 8 Labatt Breweries (InBev) 8.0
Labatt’s 50 Labatt Brewing Company (Canada) 5.3
Labatt Blue Labatt Brewing Company (Canada) 5.0
Labatt Blue Light Lime Labatt Brewing Company (Canada) 4.0
Labatt Blue Light Labatt Brewing Company (Canada) 4.0
Lagunitas India Pale Ale Lagunitas Brewing Company 6.2
Lagunitas IPA Lagunitas Brewing Company 6.2
UBU Ale Lake Placid Brewing Co 7.0
India Pale Ale Lake Placid Brewing Co 6.8
Winter Lager Lake Placid Brewing Co 6.5
46 ‘er Pale Ale Lake Placid Brewing Co 6.0
Honey Rye Lake Placid Brewing Co 5.0
Rolling Rock Extra Pale Latrobe 4.6
Rolling Rock Premium Beer Latrobe 4.5
Rolling Rock Light Latrobe Brewing Co 3.7
Milk Stout Left Hand Brewing 6.0
Leinenkugel Creamy Dark Leinenkugel 4.9
Leinenkugel Red Leinenkugel 4.9
Leinenkugel Northwoods Lager Leinenkugel 4.9
Leinenkugel Honey Weiss Leinenkugel 4.9
Leinenkugel Original Leinenkugel 4.7
Leinenkugel Light Leinenkugel 4.2
Leinenkugel Amber Light Leinenkugel 4.1
1888 Bock Leinenkugel Brewing Co 5.1
Ocktoberfest Leinenkugel Brewing Co 5.1
Creamy Dark Leinenkugel Brewing Co 4.9
Red Lager Leinenkugel Brewing Co 4.9
Classic Amber Leinenkugel Brewing Co 4.9
Fireside Nut Brown Leinenkugel Brewing Co 4.9
Berry Weiss Leinenkugel Brewing Co 4.8
Sunset Wheat Leinenkugel Brewing Co 4.8
Honey Weiss Leinenkugel Brewing Co 4.8
Leinenkugel Original Leinenkugel Brewing Co 4.6
Summer Shandy Leinenkugel Brewing Co 4.2
Kentucky Ale Bourbon Barrel Lexington Brewing Company 8.2
Lindemans Framboise Lindmans 4.0
Lindemans Lambic Lindmans 4.0
Lindemans Pomme Lindmans 3.5
Lindemans Cassis Lindmans 3.5
Lindemans Kriek Lindmans 3.5
Lindemans Pêche Lindmans 3.5
Lindemans Pecheresse Lindmans 2.5
Long Trail Ale Long Trail Brewery 4.6
Double Bag Long Trail Brewery beers 7.2
Triple Bag Long Trail Brewery beers 9.2
Lowenbräu Lowenbräu 5.2
Lowenbrau Special Beer Lowenbräu 5.2
Lowenbrau Dark Lowenbräu 5.0
Lucky Bucket Certified Evil Lucky Bucket Brewing Co 9.6
Lucky Bucket IPA Lucky Bucket Brewing Co 6.3
Lucky Bucket Lager Lucky Bucket Brewing Co 4.5
Landshark Lager Margarita Brewing Company 4.7
Old Dipsea Barleywine Marin Brewing 9.0
India Pale Ale Marin Brewing 6.0
Breakout Stout Marin Brewing 6.0
Point Reyes Porter Marin Brewing 6.0
Albion Amber Marin Brewing 5.0
Bluebeery Ale Marin Brewing 5.0
Marin Weiss Marin Brewing 5.0
Mt. Tam Pale Ale Marin Brewing 5.0
Harpoon UFO Massachusets Brewing Company 4.8
St. Ides Malt Liquor McKenzie River Brewing 8.2
Terminator McMenamins 6.4
Hammerhead McMenamins 5.8
Black Rabbit Porter McMenamins 5.5
Dry Irish Stout McMenamins 4.6
Ruby McMenamins 4.1
Irish Pale Ale McSorleys 5.5
Milwaukee Special Reserve Ice Melanie Brewing Company 5.9
Fat Weasel Mendocino Brewing Company (United Breweries
Michelob Amber Bock Michelob 5.2
Michelob Black & Tan Michelob 5.0
Michelob Hefeweizen Michelob 5.0
Michigan Brewing Company Nut Brown Ale Michigan Brewing Company 5.0
Michigan Brewing Company Wheatland Beer Michigan Brewing Company 5.0
Mickey’s Ice Mickey’s 5.9
Mickey’s Mickey’s 5.6
Keystone Ice MillerCoors 5.9
Molson Dry MillerCoors 5.5
Blue Moon MillerCoors 5.4
Coors Original MillerCoors 5.0
Coors Extra Gold MillerCoors 5.0
Coors Banquet Beer MillerCoors 5.0
George Killian’s Irish Red MillerCoors 4.9
Keystone Premium MillerCoors 4.4
Keystone Light MillerCoors 4.2
Coors Light MillerCoors 4.2
Aspen Edge MillerCoors 4.1
Coors NA MillerCoors 0.1
CUSQUENA beer from Peru MillerCoors 4.8
Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat MillerCoors 4.9
Olde English 800 Malt Liquor MillerCoors 5.9
Milwaukee’s Best Ice MillerCoors 5.9
Magnum Malt Liquor MillerCoors 5.6
Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor MillerCoors 5.6
Miller High Life MillerCoors 5.5
Icehouse MillerCoors 5.5
Miller Ice Light MillerCoors 5.5
Weinhard’s Blonde Lager MillerCoors 5.1
Weinhard’s Private Reserve MillerCoors 4.8
Hamm’s Beer MillerCoors 4.7
Hamm’s Golden Draft MillerCoors 4.7
Miller Genuine Draft MillerCoors 4.7
Weinhard’s Pale Ale MillerCoors 4.6
Milwaukee’s Best MillerCoors 4.5
Milwaukee’s Best Light MillerCoors 4.5
Weinhard’s Amber Light MillerCoors 4.2
Miller Genuine Draft Light MillerCoors 4.2
Miller High Life Light MillerCoors 4.2
Miller Lite MillerCoors 4.2
Hamm’s Special Light MillerCoors 4.1
Miller Genuine Draft 64 / MGD 64 MillerCoors 2.8
Simpler Times Pilsner Minhas Craft Brewery 5.5
Boxer beer light Minhas Craft Brewery 5.0
Molson XXX Molson (Canada) 7.3
Molson Golden Beer Molson (Canada) 6.0
Molson Ice Molson (Canada) 5.6
Molson Canadian Beer Molson (Canada) 5.1
Molson Light Molson (Canada) 2.4
Moosehead Moosehead 5.0
Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer Moosehead (Canada) 5.0
Murphy’s Irish Red Murphy’s 5.0
Murphy’s Stout Murphy’s 4.0
National Bohemian beer National Brewing Company 4.2
New Belgium 1554 New Belgium Brewing 5.6
Trippel Beer New Belgium Brewing 7.8
Skinny Dip New Belgium Brewing 4.2
Blue Paddle New Belgium Brewing 4.8
Abbey New Belgium Brewing 7.0
Mothership New Belgium Brewing 4.8
Fat Tire New Belgium Brewing 5.3
Fat Squirrel New Glarus Brewing 5.8
Spotted Cow New Glarus Brewing 4.8
New Glarus Barley Wine New Glarus Brewing Company 13.5
Steinlager beers of New Zealand New Zealand Breweries 5.0
Newcastle Brown Ale Newcastle (UK) 4.7
Northern Honey Brown Northern Brewing Co 5.2
Northern Golden Lager Northern Brewing Co 4.5
Northern Special Light Northern Brewing Co 4.0
Snake Pit Oaken Barrel Brewing Company 5.8
Indiana Amber Oaken Barrel Brewing Company 5.3
Superfly Oaken Barrel Brewing Company 7.5
Gnaw Bone Oaken Barrel Brewing Company 5.8
Alabaster Oaken Barrel Brewing Company 4.5
Isolation Odell’s 6.0
90 Shilling Odell’s 5.3
Cutthroat Pale Ale Odell’s 5.1
Levity Odell’s 5.0
Easy Street Wheat Odell’s 4.7
Bobby Odell’s 4.6
Cutthroat Porter Odell’s 4.5
O’Douls Amber O’Douls 0.4
O’Keefe Canadian Beer O’Keefe (Canada) 4.9
Olde English 800 Ice Olde English 800 7.9
Olde English 800 Olde English 800 5.9
Dales Pale Ale Oskar Blues 6.5
Schlitz Malt Liquor Pabst 6.2
Pabst Blue Ribbon Pabst 5.0
Pabst Pabst 5.0
Special Export Pabst 5.0
Signature Stroh Beer Pabst 4.8
Blatz Beer Pabst 4.8
Schlitz Beer Pabst 4.7
Olympia Premium Lager Pabst 4.7
Stroh’s Beer Pabst 4.6
Schaefer Beer Pabst 4.6
Stroh’s Light Pabst 4.4
Special Export Light Pabst 4.4
Schlitz Light Pabst 4.2
Blatz Light Pabst 3.5
Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol Pabst 2.2
Stag Pabst Brewing Co 5.2
Lone Star Pabst Brewing Company in 4.7
Palm beers Palm 5.4
Palm Royale Palm Breweries (Belgium) 7.5
Palm Speciale Palm Breweries (Belgium) 5.4
Steendonck Palm Breweries (Belgium) 5.0
Salvator Paulaner 7.5
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen Paulaner 5.5
Paulaner Original Munich Paulaner 4.9
Paulaner Salvator Paulaner Brauerei GmbH and Co. KG 7.9
Xingu a Brazillian Black Beer PBL Group / Cervejaria Sul Brasileira 4.6
Nastro Azzuro Export Lager Peroni (Italy) 5.1
Pete’s Oktoberfest Pete’s Brewing 5.8
Pete’s Wicked Ale Pete’s Brewing 5.3
Pete’s Red Rush Pete’s Brewing 5.3
Pete’s Winter Brew Pete’s Brewing 5.2
Pete’s Helles Lager Pete’s Brewing 5.0
Pete’s Strawberry Blonde Pete’s Brewing 5.0
Pete’s Summer Brew Pete’s Brewing 4.7
Pilsener Urquell Pilsener Urquell Pilzen (Czech.) 4.4
Iron City Lager Pittsburgh Brewing 4.5
I.C. Light Pittsburgh Brewing 4.1
Haffenreffer Private Stock Private Stock Brewing Co 6.9
Snow Cap Ale Pyramid 7.0
India Pale Ale Pyramid 6.7
Broken Rake Pyramid 6.4
Tilted Kilt Pyramid 6.3
Hefeweizen Pyramid 5.2
Pale Ale Pyramid 5.1
Apricot Ale Pyramid 5.1
Coastline Pilsner Pyramid 5.0
Curve Ball Kölsch Pyramid 4.8
Red Dog Red Dog 5.0
Redhook IPA Redhook 6.5
Redhook ESB Redhook 5.8
Redhook Nut Brown Redhook 5.6
Redhook Blonde Ale Redhook 5.4
Redhook Hefe-weizen Redhook 5.2
Long Hammer IPA Redhook 6.5
Rhinebecker Rhinebecker 5.0
Snow Beer SABMiller (China) 3.5
Saint Arnold Amber Ale Saint Arnold Brewing Company 5.5
Saint Arnold brown Ale Saint Arnold Brewing Company 5.3
Saint Arnold Weedwacker Saint Arnold Brewing Company 4.9
Saint Arnold Divine Reserve * Saint Arnold Brewing Company 8.9
Saint Arnold Christmas Ale Saint Arnold Brewing Company 7.0
Saint Arnold Elissa IPA Saint Arnold Brewing Company 6.6
Saint Arnold Spring Bock Saint Arnold Brewing Company 6.4
Saint Arnold Oktoberfest Saint Arnold Brewing Company 6.0
Saint Arnold Winter Stout Saint Arnold Brewing Company 5.6
Saint Arnold Summer Pils Saint Arnold Brewing Company 4.9
Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Saint Arnold Brewing Company 4.9
Kolsch Saint Louis Brewery 4.5
Samuel Adams –Latitude- beer Samuel Adams Brewery 6.0
SAN MIGUEL BEER San Miguel Fabricas 4.5
Happy Camper IPA Santa Fe Brewing 6.6
Freestyle Pilsner Santa Fe Brewing 5.5
Sapporo Reserve Sapporo 5.2
Pale Ale Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 5.5
Pomegranate Wheat Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 4.7
Summer Brew Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 3.5
Adirondack Lager Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 5.5
Imperial Stout Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 9.0
Imperial IPA Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 8.5
Brown Ale Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 6.0
India Pale Ale Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 5.8
Hefeweizen Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 5.6
Adirondack Lager Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 5.5
Pale Ale Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 5.5
Black Forest Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 5.3
Belgian White Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 5.3
Black and Tan Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 5.1
Kolsch Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 5.0
Pomegranate Wheat Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 4.7
Summer Ale Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 4.7
Pale Pale Ale Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 4.7
Summer Brew Saranac – Matt Brewing Co 3.5
Grainbelt Schell Brewing Company 4.9
Schells Stout Schell’s Brewery 5.0
Pale Ale Schlafly 4.4
Schorsch Bock 43 Schorschbrau 43
McEwans Scotch Ale Scottish & Newcastle (Scotland) 9.5
Shiner Bohemian Black Lager Shiner 4.9
Shiner Blonde Shiner 4.4
Shiner Bock Shiner 4.4
Shiner Light Blonde Shiner 4.2
Shiner Light Shiner 3.9
Shiner Hefewizen Shiner 5.4
Shiner 102 Shiner 6.2
Shipyard IPA Shipyard Brewing Company 5.8
Shipyard Export Shipyard Brewing Company 5.1
Sierra Nevada Glissade Sierra Nevada 6.4
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Sierra Nevada 7.2
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Sierra Nevada 9.9
Sierra Nevada Celebration Sierra Nevada 6.6
Sierra Nevada Stout Sierra Nevada 6.4
Sierra Nevada Porter Sierra Nevada 5.7
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Sierra Nevada 5.6
Sierra Nevada Summerfest Sierra Nevada 4.9
Sierra Nevada Wheat Sierra Nevada 4.7
Fat Bastard Scotch Style Ale Silver City Brewing Co 9.0
Tiger from Singapore Singapore Brewery 5.0
Blonde Bombshell by Southern Star Southern Star 5.4
Spaten Munich Special Dark Beer Spaten-Brau (Germany) 6.6
Spaten Optimator Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu 7.6
St. Pauli Girl St. Pauli (Germany) 4.9
St. Pauli Girl Dark St. Pauli (Germany) 4.8
St. Pauli Girl N.A. St. Pauli (Germany) 0.2
Watney’s Red Barrel Beer Stag (England) 3.9
Steel Reserve 211 Steel Brewing Company 8.1
Leffe Blonde Stella Artois brewery 6.6
Point hand-crafted Belgian White Stevens Point Brewery 5.4
Arrogant Bastard Ale Stone Brewing 7.2
Double Bastard Ale Stone Brewing 10.0
Stone Old Guardian Stone Brewing 9.9
Ruination IPA Stone Brewing 7.7
Stone IPA Stone Brewing 6.9
Stone Smoked Porter Stone Brewing 5.9
Stone Pale Ale Stone Brewing 5.4
Arrogant Bastard Ale, Escondido, CA Stone Brewing Co. 7.2
Staub Dark Straub 4.1
Staub Premium Straub 4.1
Staub Light Straub 3.2
Old Milwaukee Stroh 4.5
Old Milwaukee Light Stroh 3.8
Oatmeal Stout Summit Brewing Co 5.1
Great Northern Porter Summit Brewing Co 5.6
Summit Winter Ale Summit Brewing Co 6.1
Gold Sovereign Ale Summit Brewing Co 6.3
Horizon Red Ale Summit Brewing Co 5.7
Summit IPA Summit Brewing Co 6.4
Summit Oktoberfest Summit Brewing Co 7.3
Extra Pale Ale Summit Brewing Co 5.2
Summit Pale Ale Summit Brewing Co 5.2
Summit Maibock Summit Brewing Co 6.5
Summit Hefe Weizen Summit Brewing Co 4.8
Summit Pilsener Summit Brewing Co 4.8
Suntory Draft Beer Suntory (Japan) 4.6
Polar Bear Pilsner Thirsty Bear Brewing Company 5.7
Orange Blossom Pilsner Thomas Creek Brewery 11.0
Gumball head Three Floyds 4.5
Tolly Origlnal Premium Ale Tollei-ache & Cobbold (England) 4.9
Maple Nut Brown Ale Tommyknocker Brewery 4.5
Hophead IPA Tree Brewing Co. 5.6
Troegs Plale Troegs Brewery 5.4
Trumer Pilser Trumer Brauerei (Salzburg & CA) 4.9
Tsingtao Tsingtao 4.7
Tsingtao Beer Tsingtao (China) 4.8
Kingfisher beer UB Group 4.8
La Fin du Monde Unibroue (Sapporo) 9.0
Ephemere Apple Unibroue (Sapporo) 5.5
Peter’s Brand (Union Export Brewery, Breda
Holland; licensed to
Union Export Brewery 5.0
Taj Mahal Premium Lager United Breweries 4.5
Wachusett Country Ale Wachusett Brewing 5.1
Wachusett country Ale Wachusett Brewing Company 5.1
Wachusett Blueberry Wachusett Brewing Company, Inc. 4.5
Warsteiner Premium Dunkel Warsteiner Brewery (Germany) 4.8
Warsteiner Premium Verum Warsteiner Brewery (Germany) 4.8
Warsteiner Premium Fresh Warsteiner Brewery (Germany) 0.0
English Premium Bitter Wells Bombardier (UK) 5.2
English Premium Ale Wells Bombardier (UK) 5.2
Widmer Hefeweizen Widmer 4.7
Widmer Oktoberfest Widmer 5.0
Widmer Sommerbrä Widmer 4.8
Widmer Winternacht Widmer 7.0
Spring Run IPA Widmer 6.0
Widmer Pale Ale Widmer 5.0
Drop Top Amber Ale Widmer 4.9
Widmer Widberry Widmer 4.6
Widmer Blonde Ale Widmer 4.3
Widmer Drop top Widmer Brothers Brewing Company 5.0
Calico IPA Wildcat Brewery 8.3
Kraftig Lager (William K. Busch) William K. Busch Brewing Company 4.6
Barrel Trolly beer sold at Harris Teeter
World Brews 5.3
Goldmine Lager World Brews 4.5
Wurtzburger Hofbrau Light Wurtzburger Hofbrau (Germany) 5.4
Wurzburger Hofbrau Wurtzburger Hofbrau (Germany) 5.4
Dos Perros Yazoo Brewing Company 3.5
Pale Ale Yazoo Brewing Company 5.8
Hefeweizen Yazoo Brewing Company 5.0
Lord Chesterfields Yuengling 5.4
Bock Yuengling 5.1
Ale Yuengling 5.0
Porter Yuengling 4.5
Black & Tan Yuengling 4.5
Premium Yuengling 4.4
Lager Yuengling 4.4
Light Yuengling 3.8
Light Lager Yuengling 3.6
Zywiec Zywiec Brewery 5.8
ZYWIEC Zywiec Brewery 5.6