Beer is the new wine. How many times have we heard that lately? Our last “I Love Beer” Show at Hi Scores Bar Arcade in Henderson, Nevada brought out a whole new flavor: hard apple cider is the new beer! We met up with Freddie Delatorre again as he featured two more major winners: Sam Adams’ Phat Jack and the hard apple cider beer from Crispin. Both were fantastic as you can tell from the video:

Of course you probably can’t have a beautiful Britney Spears look-alike to serve the beer to you, but we did – and it certainly didn’t distract from an awesome beer tasting experience. That’s right – the Crispin Apple Cider is actually beer! They are produced in very small runs and in extremely limited occasional distribution. That’s why if you want to taste this yourself, you’ll have to get yourself to an establishment that serves this (like Hi Scores!) and grab yours right now!

As far as the Sam Adams Phat Jack goes, you’ll love this pumpkin spiced luscious brew. With spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, you’ll taste an amazing holiday brew, highlighted with an aftertaste of roasty smoked malts.  It’s hard to think of Sam Adams as a craft brew, but we’re sure you never heard of Phat Jack before, and are also sure you’ll love it when you try it – and you’ll also probably be amazed at its 8.5% alcohol content.

The bottom line: get on down to Hi Scores Bar Arcade and sample these tremendous brews (and many others) for yourself. Between the beer selections and the full menu, you won’t leave hungry or thirsty. And don’t forget to text “BEER” to 69302 to get on our mobile alert service for showtimes and schedules. The archive for this show was somehow cut off (our apologies), but it wouldn’t matter if you watched the whole show live in the first place!