It’s official: Las Vegas’ only “bar arcade” is also a great destination for tasting amazing craft beer selections from a variety of breweries worldwide. When we heard about Hi Scores Bar Arcade in Henderson, Nevada (located right south off the 215 and Stephanie exit), we had to check it out. It has since been one of our favorite destinations for craft beer tasting as you can tell from the recent show we did there, where we featured beers from Joseph James Brewing, Samuel Adams (you’ll be surprised about this one!) and a delicious Crispin hard apple cider that will totally knock your socks off!

Freddie Delatorre is a managing partner and driving force of this great beer establishment, and it certainly shows! This man knows his craft beers and is anxious to get the word out on many of the hidden craft beer treasures himself and his staff offers. But Hi Scores isn’t just a craft beer joint – it’s also one of the coolest destinations in Las Vegas to play video games, arcade games, and even indulge in some video poker at the bar as you are dazzled with one of the best (if not the best) craft beer selections in Las Vegas.

Great beer, great bartenders, great food. In fact, the food menu is also paired with craft beers specifically selected to enhance your meal – or finger food, whatever mood you’re in at the time! “Like” them on Facebook and stop in for a visit – you will not be disappointed, we’re sure. (“Like” us too!) And don’t forget to text BEER to 69302 to get on our mobile alert list to be the first to know when events such as this are broadcasted LIVE.