Saturday night’s “I Love Beer” Show featured “Wassail”, a limited edition winter ale from Full Sail Brewing that definitely passed all our taste tests with flying colors. As mentioned on the show, it seems the Pacific Northwest is becoming known as the destination for a variety of truly excellent craft beer brewing as we continue on our streak of uncovering some real craft beer winners!

With its deep mahogany color, the first thing we noticed about the Full Sail Wassail is its full malty body and smooth hoppy finish which provides an amazing aftertaste worthy of another beer (or more!). But watch out, it’s 7% alcohol! And of course with good beers like this, time is of the essence. Wassail is truly a limited edition ale as it’s only available for 90 days from October to December. And since we’re already in December, your deadline to try this great ale is quickly approaching!

Full Sail is just another of a long line of award winning brewers you simply must sample if you’re into craft beers. We drank ours at Cheers Bar in Las Vegas. If you’re local to Las Vegas, stop in and get one for yourself. You will not be disappointed!