We dare you to like this beer. You probably won’t. In fact you probably don’t have the taste buds required to enjoy a beer such as Arrogant Bastard from the Stone Brewing Company. In fact, the words you just read aren’t even ours: that’s actually Stone’s marketing pitch! And you know what? They’re right! Thankfully, we enjoy tasting craft beer and absolutely love the “Arrogant Bastard” beer selections, which is why we decided to feature the “Oaked” version on our latest “I Love Beer” show at Cheers Bar in Las Vegas, NV:

Besides being ranked 99 out of 100 overall on BeerRate. we feel Stone has outdone themselves again with this dark amber masterpiece. Seriously, it’s that good. It’s so good, Arrogant Bastard even has its own website! Stone offers a variety of Arrogant Bastards, including the classic “Arrogant Bastard”, “Double Bastard”, “Lucky Bastard”, and of course the “OAKED Arrogant Bastard” featured on the show.

We tasted a rather strong malty flavor with caramel and a faint hint of citrus tasting hops that gave way to a powerful oaky type finish. Despite the brew being 7.2 alcohol, the amazing aftertaste just begs for “one more”, again and again. Yes, Oaked Arrogant Bastard is a bit pricey, but if you’re really in the mood for an outstanding beer, go for it! It’s worth the money – it may even inspire a trip to Escondido, California for a tour of their brewery!